Jun 4, 2013

Updo videos

Check out my easy updo videos on Youtube... Matsalon

Aug 25, 2012

Fall Hair News

Wow! Fall is right around the corner, and one of my personal favorite times of year. I love the crisp air and changing leaves in this part of the country, and I thrive on changing all my clients hair color with some great new and easy techniques.
Now, don't feel you have to break the bank for a new fall look , some of my favorite changes are simple and can be done in a salon or if need be at home with the right products and care.
Her are my favorite Fall Tips to refresh and revive tired summer hair:

  • Opt for a glaze one to two shades deeper than your current shade, to deepen and add shine and consistency to bleached out hair.
  • Get a "Hair Clarifying Treatment" prior to any hair color service especially after the summer. I recommend Malibu 2000 for deep cleansing and chlorine removal it is also great for mineral waterbuild up and well water maintenance.
  • Add a little red or strawberry to your current brown/dark blonde hair. Warm low-lites exude beauty!!!
  • If your hair is extremely blonde and fried opt for a Joico K-pak conditioning treatment and a glaze two shades deeper in the warm/beige blonde family. (one of my favorites is Sugar Cookie Glaze by Paul Mitchell) 
  • Remember take good care of yourself and it will reflect in all you do.
Best~ Maria

Jan 28, 2012

Do You Want to Feel Better???

I want to share a gift with you.....learn how to take great care of yourself. 

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Jan 21, 2012

Golden Globes Inspiration

Well, let's face it Hollywood offers inspiration for fashion and trending hair styles and especially when red carpet events occur. This week I had four requests for Reese Witherspoon's cut, color and styling tips, not to mention the requests for ideas and how to wear a headband with updo style.  I love sharing styling tips and secrets with my clients and fans, with that being said I will post Two "HowTo" videos based on these two highly sought after styles. We all deserve to look like stars! Learn how to create these styles at home with my easy to follow videos.

Jan 2, 2012

Maternity Salon Launches New Book "The Beauty Guide"

Beauty Expert Maria Fontana Launches New Book
“The Beauty Guide”

A woman’s guide to all things beauty and hair care

Beauty expert, Maria Fontana, launches her first book titled, “The Beauty Guide.”   Maria Fontana, a renowned business owner, educator, beauty and salon expert authors a, ‘How To’ guide on all things hair and beauty. In the book you will get inside secrets to getting the most for your money in the salon, hair styling 101, and learning safe alternatives to hair coloring.  Fontana, a salon owner and educator created Maternity Salon, an online beauty and hair care resource. 

Today, MaternitySalon.com is one of the most trafficked beauty and self care sites, Maria features an online library full of educational content pertaining to all subjects in hair care, beauty and self development.  Maria says, “As a salon owner and educator for over 20 years, I understood the need from my clients and students wanting to know more about beauty and hair care, then while I was expecting with my second child, I began socializing with more expectant mothers like myself and realized there was nothing available to expectant and new mothers, this is how Maternity Salon was born.”

In “The Beauty Guide” readers will learn variations of educational topics ranging from ‘Hair Color Do’s and Don’ts’ & ‘At Home Hair Color Tips,’  ‘Hair loss & Cancer,’ to ‘Finding the Right Stylist.’     ‘The Beauty Guide’ is available for e-book download on:
Media/ PR Contact
Margaret Fontana – Margaret@maternitysalon.com

Dec 22, 2011

What I Learned From My Three Year Old......

As the holiday magic fills my home I realize how blessed I am to have two beautiful children, of course there are days where I just would love to run away as I am sure many of you can relate.  But through it all the magic prevails through the words of my three year old son Max. He is wise beyond his years and inspires me daily to 'chill out' and enjoy the moment~

  • Now is good.
  • I know what I want.
  • If mommy is happy; everyone is happy.
  • Smile; you look pretty.
  • Love will make you feel better.
  • The magic chair can heal all boo-boos.
  • All I want is a little love
Wisdom from my baby boy Max.
May Your Holidays be Merry and Bright! ~Maria

Dec 13, 2011

Book Maria as a Guest Speaker

Inspire your women's group with Professional Beauty Tips and Secrets from Maria's book "The Beauty Guide", an uplifting experience that leaves everyone motivated to look and feel better.

On-Line Scheduling now available: allbeautyanswers.com

Nov 24, 2011

Maria Featured Expert on Top Beauty Site- Type F..

Sharing beauty knowledge is one of the things I love best, to give honest, professional advice has fueled my career and growth by continually striving to educate myself with the latest beauty products and technology.  To view article follow link below.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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